Many home owners are asking themselves if you should invest In Vinyl Plank or purchase new Hardwood flooring?

Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd would suggest sanding your hardwood floors. Hardwood is much more beautiful and is real. The shine and luster of real Hardwood floors adds real value to your home that Vinyl Plank will never replace.

Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. also adjusted our pricing to accommodate the changing economy so you can afford the cost to refinish your Hardwood floors.

The bottom picture is before and the top picture is the same floor after. Refinishing a hardwood floor literally changes the look of the home.

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Shawn Kirton

Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd.

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Hardwood floor sanding is a costly venture, not just for home owners, but also for honest reliable hardwood floor sanders as well. Hardwood floor sanding & refinishing supplies keep going up in cost while what hardwood companies charge remain static.

Therefore you need to shop around for it is companies like Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. that over the years has learned to maintain high quality work among ever increasing prices. We advise to do your due diligence when hiring a flooring contractor.

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We see many homes in western canada that do not upkeep the humidifiers on their furnaces. Many positive aspects come from warm moist air in your home.

1) keeps window and door seals tight and not shrinking.

2) hardwood in home stays humidified, meaning it has less chance to shrink.

3) our bodies need moisture. We sleep better with a little moisture in the air.

If you have exotic hardwood or maple, beach, birch or walnut hardwood, your humidifier is essential.

Shawn Kirton


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