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A Flooring Blog: Wood Flooring OR Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

A Flooring Blog: Wood flooring or Vinyl Flooring?
A Flooring Blog: Wood flooring or Vinyl Flooring?

Flooring Blog:

When choosing hardwood flooring or (LVP) Luxury vinyl plank, there are some important factors to consider:

1.) Traditionally, hardwood flooring will add more value to your home, however with hardwood flooring prices soaring the last few years, luxury vinyl plank has been the product many are turning to, simply because of the cost. Hardwood flooring currently as of April 2024 ranges from 6.89 - 10.89 a sq. ft. and beyond. Where as Luxury Vinyl Plank ranges from 1.99 for low residential - 5.99 for medium to high commercial flooring. Most vinyl plank is water proof, however not all vinyl plank is considered the same. See our section on Luxury Vinyl Plank for a more in depth discussion surrounding this product. (We discuss quality, and specifications to help you understand more thoroughly to make better informed choices.)

2.) Are you selling your home, and if you are what is the value of your home?

I ask this question, because if you are selling your home and the value of your home exceeds 550,000 - 600,000 then you might want to be asking yourself,

"Is luxury vinyl plank going to add value to our home over hardwood flooring?"

Hardwood flooring tends to add more value to your home, propelling the value or asking price of your home higher to be more in line with the highest selling home in your neighborhood. However this is a discussion best done with your real estate agent. In my experience over 20 years, hardwood is still the more sought after flooring choice.

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