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Should I refinish my hardwood floors, or replace them?

Lets discuss when you should refinish your hardwood floors.

When should you refinish your hardwood floors?
When should you refinish your hardwood floors?

The above left picture shows us a Red Oak Hardwood floor that has worn from years of: cleaning, sweaty feet, etc.

You should consider refinishing your hardwood flooring when you see the above Mildew (grey spots) start to appear, or when your hardwood flooring is heavily dented or scratched. The cost to sand & refinish your hardwood flooring will almost always be lower costing than replacing your hardwood floor with new hardwood, unless you get a smoking deal on hardwood flooring. The cost to sanding a 1000 sq. ft. floor should roughly be between 4500.00 - 6500.00 depending on what flooring contractor you hire. However replacing your hardwood floors on 1000 sq. ft. would easily exceed 10,000.00 to 15,000.00.

Hardwood floor refinishing does require the right equipment and skills to do properly. Please do not attempt this on your own without the proper guidance. Call and have Shawn Kirton and his crew restore your hardwood flooring. The reason Shawn is sanding in a straight cut in this video is because there is a heavy patina on this commercial flooring. This is the old Tantra nightclub in Calgary, Alberta. This was the dance floor. It is Red Oak. See our Hardwood floor refinishing service to book a free onsite quote.

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