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What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing is the age old craft of restoring hardwood through multiple sanding methods to remove aged or damaged varnish, oil, and wax from the surface of the hardwood. Then new floor protecting finish is applied in multiple coats to give the hardwood floor an amazing sheen.

Steps to Hardwood Floor Refinishing


1) Filling hardwood floor  

After completing the initial 1st cross-cut, we would then utilize a filler made of the real hardwood. We pour and smooth it across the hardwood floor filling in the gaps.

Please Note: If proper humidity conditions are not MET in the residential or commercial property, the filler WILL NOT stay in the floor and shall even come out during the 2nd and 3rd sanding phase.

2) Hardwood floor sanding 

We begin by removing the old finish from the hardwood floor with German industrial sander, called a Lagler Hummel sander. The Hummel sander forces dust up through the neck from the bottom of the machine, keeping a fairly constant airflow of dust into the bag, therefore reducing dust generated into the air, by as much as 80 - 90 %. 

3) Edging and Handwork

Once the large sanding machine work has been completed, we then move on to using our edger, and palm sanders. We work around the rooms removing the old finish, and filler from the floor against the wall, in kitchens and pantries, where the large sander can not get to.

Fir step during sanding.jpg
Bona Stains.jpg

4) Choose your Stain Color 

Once the hardwood floor has been prepped and cleaned for either natural finish or staining, this is where you would choose your stain color from Bona's line of oil base stain products.

or you can go here to choose your stain and use your mobile phone or tablet to overlay the color on your floor to see what colors you would like.

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