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About Wildrose hardwood

Why hire Wildrose Hardwood?

Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. brings a fresh new experience to residential and commercial customers seeking qualified flooring specialists. We are an 18 year old company that is completely family based. We offer 3 generations of flooring specialists whom are NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) trained. 

The flooring industry NEEDS honesty, quality, consistency, customer service and most of all Integrity. Shawn & Brandi Kirton's primary goal is to address these concerns by making sure Wildrose Hardwood is at the pinnacle of the flooring industry.

Shawn & Brandi Kirton bring there love of hardwood flooring to potential customers with Integrity, quality and family principals to provide top quality craftsmanship on every floor.

    Shawn Kirton started in hardwood flooring much later than Brandi Parke. Roughly 18 years ago, Brandi Parke & Russell McKay started training Shawn under their company's Vital Floors here in Alberta. Attending NWFA schools in Calgary allowed Shawn & Brandi to bring a new level of quality and technical knowledge to their customers across Alberta. Shawn hails from Caroline, Alberta where his family had owned 5 different businesses throughout his youth.


        Brandi Kirton, (Master sander & refinisher) started her path into hardwood floor refinishing as a young woman under the tutelage of Jerry & Russell Mckay. This was 27 + years ago, where Brandi Parke and Russell McKay went on to finish thousands of hardwood floors across Alberta. Upon meeting Shawn Kirton, they formed Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. and Brandi trained Shawn Kirton to become a passionate, quality conscientious, and caring, customer orientated flooring specialist.

    Russell McKay is a Master Installer / Sander Refinisher of over 40 years experience. Russell McKay & Brandi Kirton have been a team together in flooring for over 25 years. Russell shares his lengthy experience and is currently an active installer / sander whom provides his constant tutelage on most job sites.

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Contact Us!

Shawn Kirton (Estimator / Sander & Refinisher / Installer) : 403-831-2920

Email: (or)

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