Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors in your home can become old and worn down. The finish on top becomes marred, scratched, and the shine becomes dull over time. Sanding & refinishing of these worn floors can bring back the luster, shine, and eye - catching beauty that was the reason you like hardwood floors to begin with. It can also increase the value of your home to would be buyers.
We recommend it for homeowners whom:
  • Are just tired of the color of your wood flooring. You can refinish your flooring with a new stain to change the look.

  •  Recently discovered you already have beautiful hardwood floors under that ugly, worn-out carpet. Refinishing those hardwoods will instantly add value to your home.

  • Are interested an inexpensive and highly-effective service that provides new life to your space and home value.

Our team of skilled flooring technicians at Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing can extend the life of your existing wood floor with expert hardwood floor refinishing services.

Calgary Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Calgary Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. specializes in sanding and refinishing hardwood floors and prefinished hardwood flooring throughout Central and Southern Alberta. 
The videos here show you the technical aspects of sanding a hardwood floor and requires a seasoned sander to do it well and without complications, as a sander is so powerful, it can leave deep marks in hardwood flooring. We DO NOT recommend for home owners to rent their own sander and sand their own hardwood floors.



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